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【Presentation】presentation at ”EuroPCR 2024”

Dr. Hasebe, took the stage at EuroPCR2024 and PCR Innovators Day, the world's leading academic conference in the field of catheterization in cardiovascular diseases, held from May 13 to 17, 2024 (Paris local time), to present the latest data on the stent delivery system under development. The latest data of the stent delivery system under development was presented.


May 13, Monday CEST  E-Posters - PCR Innovator's Day

2024 update on the impact of a hybrid nano-coated nitinol drug-eluting stent (hybrid-DES) for BTK / Terumitsu Hasebe

May 15, Wednesday /  14:45 – 16:15 CEST  Innovations for lower limb revascularisation

Moderators: Piotr Musialek/Parham Sadeghipour

Hybrid nano-coated nitinol drug-eluting stent (Hybrid-DES) and its impact on below the knee / Terumitsu Hasebe


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