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Passive coating:
Antithrombogenic Diamond nano-coating technology.

Antithrombogenic Diamond nano-coating is a biocompatible hard coating that minimizes inflammation after stent placement. It is our signature base coating and can withstand rigorous fatigue durability testing equivalent to 10 years of use in the lower limb vasculature without delamination.

Active Coating: Sirolimus/Biodegradable Polymer Coating

After stent placement, the active coating suppresses the overgrowth of smooth muscle cells at the site of injury in the vascular lumen during the early phase. The drug-eluting polymer layer disappears along with the drug release, and ultimately, the active coating completely disappears, leaving only the body-friendly passive coating remaining in the body.


Stent Design

We have achieved a design with a thin strut that does not obstruct blood flow, minimizing the potential causes of restenosis after stent placement, and that also withstands a fatigue endurance test equivalent to 10 years of use in lower limb vessels without any damage (Fracture rate = 0%).

5Fr. catheter-based delivery system

This product uses a 5Fr. catheter, which is even thinner than the standard 6Fr. catheter used in the delivery system of drug-eluting stents for the SFA, to maximize access to more occlusion sites. In addition, the handle used for the delivery system has an ergonomic design that allows for variable holding according to the size of the doctor's hand.

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